About us

Welcome to Lil’Lads Boutique!
Created with love for Lil Lads by Rach!
About our journey and vision:
When Rach fell pregnant with her son, she realized there was next to no availability for simplistic, versatile, cute and stylish clothes for boys - This is why the Lil’Lads boutique came about. 
Filling a gap in the market, Lil’Lads is a clothing line with a mission to bring your lil lads fashionable, high quality and affordable clothing. 
We offer wearable and versatile pieces that keep your Lil’Lad looking stylish while feeling comfortable and keeping the items versatile. 
We believe in high quality yet affordable garments. Our clothing comes from an established small team in China who have the same mission as us who work hard behind the scenes to bring us these wearable garments.